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Related post: Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 18:15:58 -0400 From: J H Subject: Orphan's new lifeThe following work is completely fiction and in no way is meant to resemble any persons living or dead. If any of the material offends you then stop reading it. Orphan's New Life cute preteen blowjobs Let me start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Scott and I'm a 14 year old boy who lost his preteen bikini xxx parents at a young age to a car accident. Without any other family or relatives able to take me in, I was placed into the foster care system. Some of them weren't bad some of them were actually pretty nice. I however, had a penchant for finding ways preteen ree pics to get on a computer to look at internet porn. romania preteen I was also attracted to all types of porn, including gay porn, which earned the disdain of most of the foster families I was placed with. One day however, I was told I was being placed ilegal preteen pics with a new family. It was just a husband and wife and they took me out to lunch before we went back to their house. Their names were Kristi and Ian and they were a very attractive looking couple, each one in their own right. They carried a bible with them and made me say grace at lunch so I figured that I was given to a religious couple who wanted to take me on as preteen small girlies a preteen skirt lift project to get me off my porn kick. Anyway, not long after lunch was finished, however, I found myself rather sleepy and before I knew it I was out like a light. I woke up completely naked on preteen nude childs a preteen model sexy bed in a room filled with pictures of very sexy people engaging in all sorts of sex acts. dutch nude preteen However, even more to my surprise was the fact that in the bed next to me was a very attractive, and also naked, blond girl who looked preteen nude erect to be about my age. "Hi, my name is Brandi. You're probably wondering why you're in this room full of sexually explicit pictures and naked with a girl you just met." "Something like that. I'm Scott by the way." I said as I couldn't help noticing how hot and how sexually developed she was for someone of our age. It didn't take her long to notice that I had a huge erection. She smiled at me. "I think you're pretty good looking too. I should probably fill you in. Kristi and Ian felt it might work best coming from someone you can relate to better. I'm going to assume that when you first met them they put on the good Christian act with the bible and were going to cure you of your porn fetish." "How did you know?" I asked. "That's why I was chosen too. I'm also part of the foster care system although I've only been here a week longer than you have preteens forbidden film and let me tell you what a week it has been. They put on that act to get preteen model toon the system to allow them to be our foster parents but in reality they are more like us. little preteen snatch We were picked because of our history preteen sluts thumb of accessing internet porn, particularly that of a gay and lesbian variety. I take it that from that you are bi-curious?" "I suppose you could say that, although I've never had sex before." I told her. "Until last week I could have claimed the same thing. We are basically here to be their sex toys. I have been fucked by each of them several times. At dutch preteen nudist first I would have considered it rape but when preteens pics model they fucked me they did it in such a gentle and loving way I came really quickly to enjoy kid preteen fuck our fun. I think you will too. Here is the other part of the situation. Although we just met, we are to share this room and we are encouraged to have sex with each other." "And this is all right with you?" I asked her. "Actually after seeing how nice your cock is, I'm quite horny right now." She said to me before giving me one of preteens sex photos the hottest tongue nice preteen model kisses I've ever had. We broke off the kiss and I began to feel her nicely shaped tits. After a few rubs she had her tongue down my throat again. I returned the favor and we were soon passionately making out. She grabbed my cock and started to pump it in her hand. That got me so worked up I thought I was going to cum right there but with all the masturbation brazil preteens bikini I had done I trained myself to hold off as long as possible. I pulled her hand off my cock and told her I wanted to eat her pussy which preteen cunts com was shaved bare. She told me to please go ahead. I started kissing my way down the front of her body paying particular attention to her nipples and then x preteen models her navel. Soon I reached her pussy and started giving it little licks up and down her slit. preteen fkk pic She trembled as I did that which made me know I hit a pleasure spot. I then clamped my lips down over her pussy lips and began sucking on them like there was no tomorrow. She began to moan loudly how great it felt so I kept up my attack. I then attacked her clit with my tongue and that made her completely crazy. "Oh Scott, that feels so good. Tongue fuck my clit you hot fuck!!!" Hearing her use that langue just made me even hornier and it wasn't long before she announced she was cumming and splashed my face with her preteen naked picks hot and tasty juices. It took me a while to recover from that but I was very aroused by it. "That was something that Kristi taught me right away. How to build up the pressure of my orgasm so I can squirt it. Both of them love it and to be honest I find it quite hot when download preteen images she does it to me. Now that you've eaten my pussy, I need to have your cock inside me. There is no need for any protection since they put me on the pill straight away when I got here and we have only had sex with each other preteen pussy dolls so far." I moved up so we were face to face so I could kiss her while we fucked. I am, after all, somewhat of a romantic. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed in. She still felt somewhat tight although she had been fucked by our new parents but I still slid in fairly easily thanks to getting her juices flowing. It felt so warm and wonderful being inside her that I wasted preteen samples no time beginning my rhythms while we stuck our tongues down the other one's throat. It didn't take long for me to feel the pressure of my own orgasm build up as we pushed our bodies together as one. Finally I couldn't take anymore and did one final thrust as hard as I could and preteen non bikini held it there. She moaned about how good uncensored porn preteen it felt and the next thing I knew I felt a warm pressure against my cock and then felt wetness around my leg. She had ejaculated again. I had a feeling I was going to love fucking her. I collapsed on her and we kissed a bit and cuddled. "I think we're both going to like it here. I admire nymphets underage preteen their choice. I don't think videos nudism preteens I could have asked for a preteen japanses models better lover than you." "Thanks, you were great for me too. Your ability to squirt your cum makes the sex even hotter." "Yeah, I've found that to be a useful skill. I should probably tell you that you are probably going to have sex with Kristi first. They want to ease preteens masterbate you into the whole gay sex thing. That's why Ian did me first. To be honest, I would have probably done either of them hot pics preteen but you can see how they don't want to freak us out too fabulous preteen nn quickly. There's something else too. I don't know a preteen 12 y.o. lot of the details. They belong to a club that gets together every weekend and has orgies. Apparently we are going to get initiated into that club. I don't know the details yet but in another week it is probably going to happen and they are probably going to tell us more soon." "Sounds interesting." I told her. "In the meantime, let's spend some time together enjoying each other's bodies before they come get us. Oh, in case you were wondering, they put me on the pill right away so there are no accidental pregnancies. I think they want to enjoy us without having extra things to worry about." I leaned in to kiss preteen lina nude her some more and we laid together swapping saliva and touching each other's privates for the american preteen naked next several minutes. I never knew sex could feel so amazing. The next thing I knew she was kissing her way down preteens hard core my body preteenbbs tgp as I had done to her russian preteen gays before I went down on her. She then took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it. Her warm mouth felt so great on my cock. She then started going down on it while massaging the shaft in her mouth with her tongue. I thought that I would try this the first time I am asked to suck cock. I was actually hoping that Ian would take me before Kristi just so I could try sucking cock sooner. Brandi then pulled my cock out of her mouth and began licking up and down the shaft stopping preteen pic sample to suck at certain points like the soft spot just beneath the head. This was getting me so hot that I wasn't sure I could take anymore. Once she put my cock back in her mouth to go down on me again, I told her I couldn't take anymore and was going to cum. She kept me in nude preteenmodel cp her mouth and let my cream flow into her open mouth. She swallowed a little but kept most of it in her mouth and then moved back up to face me and kissed me, releasing the leftover cum into my mouth which we swapped back and forth for a couple minutes. I did so preteen 14 photo enjoy the taste of my own jizz, making me even more anxious to try giving a blowjob. By the time we were done with little round, it was late and we were tired. We fell asleep in free preteen gallery each other's arms gently caressing the other. x preteen pix We woke up early and both were feeling pretty horny. Brandi told me she wanted me to fuck her ass. She liked anal sex with Ian and wanted to try it with me. I had no idea nude preteen petite nasty angel preteens what to think of this new endeavor. She pretty much helped get my cock lubed up and told me how to apply the lube to her ass and then had me start pummeling her ass. It felt great having my cock in such a tight place. The friction from fucking her ass had me ready to cum in no time at all and within a few minutes, I let loose my cum in her ass. "Felt good, didn't it?" Brandi asked me. "Definitely, I can't wait to try it. In fact, I'm going to ask Ian to take me first instead of Kristi. I want to try gay sex now more than anything." Just like clockwork, the door to the room opened and Ian and Kristi both stepped in. They were hand-in-hand and completely naked. Ian was about 5'10" with dark hair and really handsome face. Kristi was about 5'6" with long blond hair that went more than halfway down her back. "I see that you two have been enjoying your time together." Ian said to us. "Oh yes," Brandi said "he has been an awesome fuck." "Well, now we would like our turn with the two of you. I was thinking of letting Kristi have her way with you first." Ian said. "Actually, I was wondering if I could go with you first. Being in here with Brandi has given me my first exposure to sex. Now I want to experience gay sex." "Kristi, do you mind waiting?" Ian asked her. "No, I don't mind, in fact I would like to 69 with Brandi for a while. I've been having a taste for pussy lately." So Ian took me preteen model marcia by the hand and led me off to his room and Kristi stayed there to play with Brandi. When we got to his room, he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me. I returned msn preteen group the kiss and as we kissed we stroked each other's bodies. It was a really hot feeling. I then grabbed his cock and started pumping it. His breathing got heavier as I continued my handjob. "I just recently got a blowjob from Brandi so why don't I start this experience by going down on you first." "My, you are eager. Go ahead. I'm anxious to see how you do." We got into bed and I positioned myself so his cock was right in front of my mouth. I then popped the head of his cock into my mouth and tried a lot of the things that Brandi was doing to me. I started to go down on him slowly. His meat tasted a little salty which made me eager to taste more of it. I then brought his head to my lips and began to suck on the head. I could see by his face that he was enjoying the sensation. I then started licking up and down the shaft like Brandi did, stopping at those certain spots to suck for several seconds before continuing my tongue assault. After a few more minutes of that I was ready to take his cum. I wanted for him to cum in my mouth so I could swallow his seed. I was ready to complete my first blowjob. I started to go down on him again, this time with greater speed and intensity. He was about to blow so hot preteen young I clamped my lips down harder on his cock as I moved my mouth up and down. Sure enough, I felt the pulse in his extreme preteen nude cock and the next thing I knew my mouth was getting filled with his warm cream. I preteen ukrainians swallowed a little bit of it but left some of it in my mouth so I could savor the taste. It was a wonderful taste that I couldn't wait to get more of. Ian nonude preteen angels then pulled me back up to face level where we kissed. I let him taste some of his own cum which I think he was already looking for as I felt his tongue invade my mouth trying to lap it up. "Well, how was my first blowjob." I asked Ian. "You were great. Of course practice makes perfect and based on the way you sucked my cock I'm sure you would enjoy all the practice you can get." "I think I would." "Now I want you to fuck my ass, after which I will do the same to you." Ian told me. He grabbed my cock and started pumping it some more to get it harder. He had a nice touch when he pumped my cock that probably could have made me cum right there. However, I wanted to fuck his ass so I did my best to hold it off. He grabbed a tube of lubricant and rubbed some over my cock and then asked me to rub some in his asshole. I put a glob of it on my fingertips and then inserted a couple into his ass making sure to rub as much around the inside as possible. He then model preteen gay laid down on the bed with his legs over the edge so he could then put his legs up on my shoulders as I fucked him. He did just that and I stuck my cock head to the opening of his ass and pushed in. He had obviously been fucked a few times there because I slid in easily but there was definitely a feeling of tightness around my cock that told me it was going to be a great fuck. I pulled back out and pushed in again repeating my rhythm as much as possible. The feeling of his sphincter clamping down on my cock was tighter than even Brandi's pussy. I decided to go at him as hard as I could. I was pushing myself into him all the way to the hilt slapping my balls on his ass. I leaned in and kissed him as I fucked his ass. His tongue went wild inside mouth, dancing with mine so it could keep contact with it like it would shrivel up and die if it didn't. Finally I couldn't take anymore. I pushed preteen nude sexi in as hard as I could and let loose my cum into his ass. It preteens under age was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had. We continued to kiss a little more before I pulled out and then climbed into the bed with him and stroked his cock in my hand. He was very hard and I knew that one would be making its way inside of my ass very soon. "That felt good. Are you ready for your turn now?" Ian asked preteen nubile porn me. "I can't wait. I've been looking forward to this ever since Brandi told me yesterday what you were going to do." We pretty much did the same thing to lube ourselves up for the event except this time after we were done he told me he wanted to take me from behind. I said I was fine that so he had me lay on the bed on my side and he pressed up behind me and inserted his cock into my ass. As we were lubing up, his fingers helped loosen my ass for what was to come but it wasn't enough to get me ready for his 8 inches of meat. He was pretty thick but he was gentle enough to ease it in. The feeling of getting my ass filled with a cock was one of the most amazing I had ever felt. The burning pain subsided and he then begin to pull out and push back dark preteen slut in slowly. When he pushed back in he made sure to try and press it against my prostate to stimulate my G- spot. He then pushed in all the way while bringing his arm around my front to pump my cock back to hardness. He quickly sped up his rhythm and I was in ecstasy. I wanted to experience this frequently. It wasn't long before I could tell that he was ready to fill me with his seed. After a few more thrusts I felt a warm sensation enter my bowels. I had just had my ass cum in for the first time in my life and I loved it. He left his cock buried in my ass even after he was done and continued to pump my cock until I came all over the sheets. He then kissed my neck a few times as he pulled out of me. "Let's preteen pantyhose fun go back to the other room thai nude preteens so you can enjoy Kristi for a while." "I'd be happy to." We went back into the other room to find Brandi and Kristi shooting cum into each other's pussies. I can't say if it was by chance preteen incest wallpapers or by design but it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. After they had seen us, they smiled at us and asked if we had fun. "Scott is an eager bisexual. We should all preteen 16 panties have a lot of fun in the months to come. Meanwhile, I wanted to give you more details about something that is going to happen soon. Kristi and I are part of a sex club in which we have free preteen x a get together every weekend in which we have sex with multiple partners during the course of a weekend. Needless to say, it's an orgy. We are very informal and there are many in the group who are under 18. We want you to join this group as well. During virgin preteens pictures the week you will do what normal teenagers do. Go to school, do your homework, talk to friends, etc. However, for a little while every night you will make yourselves available to us and each other for cuties strippes preteens some sexual fun. On the weekends you will become part of the orgies which are underground preteen paysites quite amazing. We will let you skip out on a few of them to keep up appearances with friends but no more than one xxx preteen russian per month. There is one preteen virgin schoolgirl more major point about this club. You have to be initiated and you two will be initiated together as a couple as Kristi cartoon preteen pussy and I were. The first part of the initiation will be Bukakke. You two will be bound together by the wrists while lying on a cushion while preteen gay porn every member of the club masturbates and cums all over both of you. All the women in the club are preteen porn cp accomplished at squirting cum so you will xxx preteen toplist get the best of both sexes. After every extreem young preteen full member has cum you will fuck each other while we all do the same again. That is always my favorite. When we're done you will be free to clean up however you like. If that means licking our cum off of each other, that is preteens modeling bikinis your choice. The second phase of the initiation will be oral sex. You will both eat the pussies or suck the cocks of each member of the group and then you will 69 each other while we watch. Finally, the last part is anal sex. You will both get sodomized by each member of the group. Our group holds the patent on a sex toy which is basically a strap-on dildo for women to wear which will be loaded preteen bbs kds with their cum from previous ejaculations. It has a device that at a time of the wearer's choosing will release cute black preteens the cum from the chamber inside the dildo into your ass. little preteens naturalists This will allow illegal preteen nubiles the sex preteenie women to have the same fun as the men. preteen innocent nude After that you preteen rape top will be a full member of the club and can participate in all the orgies. During those, each member is assigned a room at preteen models little random and will get nude preteen magazines to have sex with whoever else shares that room. Sometimes you will get one of us or each other. There is no harm in that. So what do you think of this?" "Wow," said Brandi, "that is the hottest thing I ever heard cgi world preteen of." "Well, I can see that Scott is as hard preteen underage incest as a rock from hearing this so I'll take that as my cue to take him to bed." Kristi said. "You can use this one, Brandi and I will go to the other pre teen blowjob room for our fuck." Kristi grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into bed with her. We then started kissing and petting each other. My hand began to softly squeeze one of her naturally pics models preteens large tits. I then began to flick my tongue across her nipple making her shiver with pleasure. She then grabbed my cock and started massaging it. I returned the favor by fondling her pussy, making sure that I paid extra special attention to her clit. "Oh Scott, I'm so glad we chose you. You are going to be so much fun to fuck. Do me a huge favor and suck my pussy until I cum in your face!" I couldn't resist the invitation. I moved down to her waist and began to lick by her navel and then make toplist preteens my way into her bare pussy. I clamped my lips down on hers and began to suck on them as hard as I could. I wanted so desperately to have her cum in my face the way preteen japanese panties Brandi did. After sucking on her lips for a while I moved my attention to the area that would ensure my preteens cute kids cum shower, her clit. preteen cartoons rape I ran my tongue across the area and then circled the area around it before diving in moving my tongue across it at every chance. I flicked my tongue over it faster and faster causing her to moan louder and louder. It wasn't long before I could tell she was ready. preteens on porno I then clamped my lips back on her pussy lips and sucked away. Her juices exploded into my mouth. Even with my lips clamped over her pussy I could not keep it all in my mouth and a lot of it dribbled down my chin. Still, I kept sucking until I knew she couldn't squirt anymore. I then moved up to face her so preteen bondage nn we could kiss and I could preteen modles forum share her juices with her. She just about sucked my tongue out trying to get what was left of her juices out of her mouth. She then broke our kiss. "Scott, after that I need you to fuck me hard. I want to feel your cum splash against the inside of my pussy." I gave her one quick kiss again before I positioned my cock at her pussy and shoved it in. She preteen fashion was very slick from her previous orgasm but knew how to move to provide the friction necessary to make me cum. I could still feel a tightness in her that amazed me. I continued to piston her pussy while she told me how great a fuck I was. I think it preteen boys naturist was her dirty talk that sent me over the edge. In a matter of seconds I was shooting my seed into her pussy already slick with her own juices. "Scott, you were so great. I can tell that the four of us are going to have a lot of fun in the future." preteen virgin angels preteen rape hardcore --to be continued-- Next part- The Initiation
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